Our Trustees

Pictured from left to right:
Patrick Marks, Dominic Nolan, Irene Morrison (retired as Trustee June 2021), Margaret Lees, Henry Paul, Daphne Biliouri-Grant, Gordon Shepherd (retired as Trustee July 2021)

The board of seven Trustees has appointees from the three member organisations and the local community. The board comprises of two members from the Royal Burgh of St Andrews Community Council, one member of Fife Council and one nominated by St Andrews Links Trust. Three local resident trustee positions complete the board. 

Our Trustees will typically serve for a period between three and six years.

Our current Trustees are:

  • Margaret Lees (Chair)
  • Daphne Biliouri-Grant
  • Patrick Marks
  • Pauline Moir
  • David Murray
  • Dominic Nolan
  • Henry Paul

In June 2021, Irene Morrison stepped down as Trustee following completion of her 6 year term and in July 2021, Gordon Shepherd stepped down following 4 years as a Trustee.

Pauline Moir (pictured below) joined the Trustee Board in June 2021 and David Murray joined the Trustee Board in July 2021.